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Photo Album

On this page I will include pictures of my friends, and my family.


Jeff and Makenna

Makenna is my little cousin who is not even a year old. For some unknown reason she has fell in love with my boyfriend Jeff. She never cried when he held her. Here she fell asleep on Jeffs shoulder... it's adorable!


Jeff && I

Here Jeff and I were washing my car. I'm not very good at keeping the soap on the car as you can see it is all over Jeff. It was a really good time. 


My Best Friend, Susan

This was our last Venner Dinner Theatre together. It was a very sad time. Shes going away to Central for college and i'm going to Ann Arbor so its very sad because we aren't going to see much of eachother next year.


Amy and I


Jeff and I at Venner

He cames to two shows... and yes that flower is from him. He's amazing


My mom and dad and I